Question for Podcasters / Owning Your Own Feed

I’ll make this one short and simple.

Too many Podcasters are hosting their Podcasts on someone else’s domain (and server) and are promoting feeds that aren’t their own. You know what I’m talking about. Too much can go wrong when you rely too much on too many people.

It’s time for Podcasters to take charge of their own content.

I’m about a thousand bucks away from a tool/system that would allow any Podcaster to register a cheap domain (Godaddy is fine) and use that domain for their Podcast Website and RSS feed. Don’t worry – you can host wherever you want and still use Feedburner.

This way, if something goes bad, (hosting, feeds, ad serving, whatever …) you just point YOUR DOMAIN to the new feed (or Website) source – and your listeners don’t have to do a thing.

So, let me know. If this is something you’d use (don’t worry – ain’t gonna charge for it), I’ll spend the rest of the cash and make it happen.

So, is this something you’d use?

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