Rocketboom Ad Week


Don’t know why the ‘sphere ain’t talking about this much as I thought this would – but this is the week Rocketboom started their ad campaign for

This is an important week people. If the public believes the buy was worth it, we’ll see a lot more of these – and we’ll all benefit accordingly.

However, at the time of writing, site had yet to crack the Top 100,000 of Alexa. It did around the time of the original announcement (and Alexa is always a day behind) – so I put the Alexa tracker here for all to enjoy.

Alexa, obviously, ain’t the perfect metric, but it certainly is at least a metric. If you have others, bring ’em on.

The Ad was very well done – a lot more effort was put into it than I expected.

Make sure you take a look and help their numbers surge this week.

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