Interview with One of the Greats

The presentation I'm most excited to see at Big Seminar 7 is Declan Dunn. I have a tremendous amount of respect for this pioneer in Internet Marketing space that also happens to be a good friend. His past work in the Affiliate Marketing space is amazing and I am thrilled to have shared the stage with this guy a few times. He's one of our industry's “rock stars.”

Declan will be talking Podcasting and Blogs at Big Seminar 7. Yes, we're in the “same space” again and I'm thrilled to be in it with him. He's been developing / working a Blog/Podcast network model that he promises to show at the event.

The latest episode of the Big Seminar Live Podcast has the entirety of his interview with Armand Morin. Even if you can't attend Big Seminar, this one is well worth your listen.

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