Are You Down with OPD?

Are you down with OPD?

(Other People’s Domains)

I am surprised how some of the smartest people in this industry are willing to hand over their Podcast domains to other people. I don’t believe anyone has anything but the best of intentions but there is something about this road to hell that concerns me.

Too many things can go wrong here.

This kind of goes along with my Network questions. I get what is in it for the network owners – what is in it for the Podcasters?

Has anyone seen a decent check worth assigning their show to another domain – or is it all promises at this point? What happens if someone “leaves” OPD? Will they automatically forward things along – or are all your promotion efforts to this point moot?

And, yes, I’m slowly cleaning out my legacy Feedburner links all over the search engines. If I can’t make their MyBrand work (and I’m pretty sure I can), I’ll even be leaving them.

Too much is at stake here.

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