Here’s a Metric I’ll Share

On the T. Harv Eker Millionaire Mind Podcast (currently #12 at iTunes in Business), we have one of the softest calls to action we’ve ever put in a Podcast.

Basically, a URL is displayed at the bottom of the video file. That’s it. There is no promise of what is there. I won’t give you the URL here because, well, that would spoil or tracking now, wouldn’t it? No enhanced Podcast action here – they’re going to have to enter the URL in their Web browser on purpose.

Yesterday, if you divide downloads by clicks (and we all know that every download is viewed/listened to, don’t we ;-)) we saw a >2% visit to the site. Overall since we lauched, we’ve seen >3%.

With people happy at a .5% conversion on a banner ad or a 1.5% conversion on an Adwords ad, this ain’t bad at all.

And, obviously, when we start refining the call to action, I expect those numbers to go up as well.

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