Getting Honest About the Podcast Numbers

Update: Michael Goeghegan makes some comments about the source material for the Design Technica piece. As always, he’s right. I’m glad some of us understand the essentials.

The good guys over at Design Technica (also in my neck of the woods), published this piece called “Recasting the Concept of Podcasting: Part I.” It contains some facts that we all knew, just don’t like talking about (including):

more than 80% of podcast downloads never make it to a portable player or another device – they are consumed on the PC (or, worse, never listened or deleted).

A couple of thoughts here:

I really don’t care. I used to consume most of my music cds on my stereo at home, but the real power was that I could grab one and put it in the car stereo (or that silly discman). The same is true with Podcasting.

Those buying ads on CPM with no tracking should be nervous. But I’ve been saying that for a long time.

Those direct marketers who want to track a response from their use of the Podcast platform for a marketing mechanism will (always) know what works – and what doesn’t – and will act accordingly. And, they’ll leave these silly stats to the silly statisticians.

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