On Podcasting Contracts, Exclusivity, and the Rest of the “Conversation”

I thought, initially, that I'd stay out of this conversation – but I just can't help it.

A few days back I wrote about Podcast Networks and what they offer the Podcaster. The great Todd Cochrane commented back publically and someone under contract for a network sent me a few comments that I continue to ponder. I'm still asking these questions, but the answers are getting a little clearer.

In short, I'm just feeling that Podcast networks ain't for me.

Earlier this week, Keith and the Girl (not a family or work safe Podcast) made some interesting Podcast history as they made an episode out of reading a “leaked” copy of the Podshow contract. Twas, hands down, the most entertaining Podcast reading of a contract I've ever heard in my life. Once again, I must stress, neither work nor family safe.

Their thoughts on the contract are best summed up in the entirety of the show notes for that episode:

“Give it over to the daddy. Daddy will know what to do better than you.”

Basically, these two individuals don't care for all they have to give Curry to be part of the “family.” Personally, I understand completely. My freedoms are worth much more than any paycheck.

The Mighty Mike Goeghagen chimed in with his thoughts:

In the vain of full disclosure, I was offered a “Founding Member

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