Next Week – Batteries Don’t Fail Me Now …

Next week includes, but is not limited to: Disneyland (West Coast), a “virtual” Expo (does “virtual” have a coast?) where I “teach” twice and moderate a panel of Podcasting superstars, and Big Seminar 7 (East Coast).

Lot’s of travel this week. The only thing cooler than my iPod (with a lot of casts to catch up on) is my Griffin Battery Backup for my iPod and a bag full of Dollar Store 9 Volt Batteries.

I’ll think I’ll catch up before the week is over (not at Disneyland, sorry), so anyone have any hot business or marketing Podcasts they’d like to recommend? I’m all ears – literally.

p.s., expect a cool little Podcasting surprise sent down the Big Seminar Live Podcast Channel.

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