Podcasting – Not Just Audio/Video

My definition of Podcasting (don’t we all have one ;-)) is that it is the engine that provides us with 1) timeshifted 2) portable 3) media. To #3, I’ve always said that Podcasting will not be limited to audio and video. If we can digitize it and push it to the end customer, we can call it a Podcast.

And the more we can push, the more powerful our Podcasts.

People have suggested that if it can’t be played on an iPod (or PMP (Portable Media Player)), that it ain’t a Podcast. I suggest they’re wrong.

And then I noticed something in my iTunes today …

Geek Rockstar Phil Torrone is now Podcasting PDFs along with the video and audio in the Make Magazine Podcast.

And since Phil can’t do anything wrong amongst the Geek set ;-), I’m feeling pretty good right now …

In all seriousness, consider what this means to Podcasting. We can now support our content with additional documentation. Think about it … “for more on this topic, check out the PDF I included with this feed …” or “if you check iTunes right now, you’ll notice that there is a free PDF file …” You get the idea.

By the way, the PDF/iTunes integration thing is flawless. I just double clicked on the PDF in iTunes and it opened up Acrobat Reader and the document.

BTW, for those looking to track their Podcasts, a supporting PDF with some of the tracking features built in might be the perfect answer.

Warning … tangent …. And one more thing – the Pocket PC (Windows Portable) platform does MP3 and PDF quite well. There’s a potential killer app for Microsoft and their iPod killer here.

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