Now That Disneyland Is Done …

Now that I'm back from Disneyland, let the content, the visits, and presentations begin …

Today … EcomXpo – there is still time to get in on the free roundtable on Profitable Podcasting with Chris Pirillo, Declan Dunn and Tim Bourquin. Good stuff. Sign up at EcomXpo and head over to the education center. After the event, I'll “be in my booth” ready to chat with anyone interested. Again, all free, just head over to

Tomorrow … on the Flight to Big Seminar. Make sure you subscribe to the Big Seminar Live Podcast feed as we're going to do some very cool things from the floor. Flickr tag is BS07. Catch me at the bar Thursday night, say the magic phrase “Parade of Dreams” (hey, I just got back from Disneyland with 2 daughters) and I buy you a beer.

Next Wednesday … Orange County Podcasters. I'll only be a few hours away and can't miss this chance to meet Podcasters and see the new TNC New Media digs.

And then, … sleep.

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