Freemium Chat at Big Seminar

So I discuss the “Fremium” meme with a few people at the traditional unofficial Big Seminar night before the event “mixer.” (See previous posting for more on the concept.)

Rick Raddatz points out an interesting concept -> there are two kinds of companies -> “organically grown” and “big.”

The organically grown have only one person to make happy: the business owner (most of your Big Seminar Attendees are organically grown companies).

The big companies have lots of people to make happy: investors, potential investors, the press, etc.

Big gotta get big fast – they got no choice – and profit isn't always the first goal (getting big is). Often times profit is the last goal (another round of funding ain't profit). All too often, the very guys who started the “big' company are out before is ever seen.

Organic gotta pay the bills pretty much from day 1 and, as a result, profit is always on the mind. As a result – a freemium model doesn't make sense.

So, I ask this question … is there anyone with a freemium model who isn't looking for financing (or to get bought)? Not that this is an issue of right/wrong, I'm just curious is freemium is for the organic business.

Because if it ain't, now I understand why I'm having such a hard time with it.

Speaking of freemium, I'll be posting some Big Seminar pictures to my Flickr account later today.

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