Declan Dunn on Podcasting

If you pop over to the Big Seminar Live feed, you’ll hear the first 7 minutes of Declan’s presentation on Podcasting. Like our presentation at Affiliate Summit, we published the first part and pulled it from the stage to show everyone how quickly this can be done.

Again, mixed on my laptop in the back of the room and uploaded via Verizon EVDO.

Will my recent postings about networks I find it a bit humerous to point out that Declan’s FunMoneyGood project is a network as well. And boy oh boy does it have very little to do with the geeky, techy, marketing angle that so many of the networks do. It ain’t the type of network I’d visit, but he knows his market well (and with the numbers he shared yesterday – they’re visiting his site too).

The short review of Day 1 of Big Seminar – the theme was “humanity” (my claim, not the event’s). Every speaker showed, in great detail, how the people we’re dealing with, when treated like people, can help us to do some amazing things. From Podcasts that give us a voice to emails that actually build a relationship, the future of tech is people.

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