April 19 – Portland, Oregon – Innovation, New Ideas in Marketing Conference

In 8 days I’ll be wearing my Affiliate Guy hat for the American Marketing Assocation’s (Oregon Chapter) AMA PDX 2006 Annual Conference, entitled “Innovation, New Ideas in Marketing.”

Obviously, would love to see you there:

My presentation is entitled, “Discover the Salesforce for the 21st Century.” My emphasis, Affiliate Marketing, but if you think what we’re doing in Podcasting won’t be part of the dialogue … and, if a certain phone call goes well tomorrow, I should have some very exciting stuff to share 😉

Dr. Paul Pedrosky will be speaking on “Invisible Marketing: 3 Things Every Organization Needs to Know in the Era of Blogs, Podcasts, and RSS Feeds.” I’m very much looking forward to that one as well.

Add a touch of Bob Farrell (o.k., all the presenters are good) and this should be a great show!

Sadly, this is the same day as Podcast on the Floor, so I’ll be running back and forth as I always do.

Of course, the AMA crowd usually gets a suit and the Podcast on the Floor types will laugh at me if I wear one. What to do, what to do 😉 ?

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