Big Seminar 7 Final Thoughts

So I'm back from Big Seminar 7. Head is still spinning.

The great thing about being the event's Podcast producer is that I went home with all the presentations on my iPod. Don't worry – one a week (first 20 minutes), until they're done, through the Big Seminar Live Podcast.

I think the biggest “gotcha” piece of information I took home (from the maybe 4 hours of content that I actually watched) came from T. Harv Eker's presentation. Although it wasn't about Podcasting (in any way shape or form), consider these nuggets of truth.

Simple is usable – complicated is interesting.

We have to make listening to Podcasts easier. It doesn't matter how cool these things are until I can make it so my Mom can subscribe with ease.

Systemitize – repeatable process that creates a profit.

I've been (and I know I'm not the only Podcaster doing this) working hard to systemitize parts of my Podcast development. Whatever I can do to shave time of the production cycle has been really important to me.

My new question – and I'll be chewing on this all week – what can I do to systemitize my Podcasting profits? This minor focus change will produce some interesting results.

Opportunities can be obstacles.

That one is hard for us Podcasters. How many different shows have we launched? How many different sites are we running? How excited are we about the opportunities ahead?

And, are any of them obstacles for us?

For me, many of them are.

Focus, is now, my new focus.

But events like these aren't only about the content. Look at the Gnomedex model if you want any proof (you don't have to pay a dime to get the content the same time the audience does). People attend these events to meet face to face, network, interact, be human with each other, etc. I did more of that this weekend than I've done in a quite some time (o.k., since the last Big Seminar) and I'm better for it. In the next few weeks you'll be hearing more about that.

So, content, people, ideas, interaction.

Twas a good time. A great time.

Thanks again Armand.

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