Podcast Publication: How Much Time Are You Spending on the Process?

I just finished a Webinar with the first round of 123PodcastLaunch.com students. Is was the review of Disk 2, Podcast Publishing. I won’t name names (but you know who you are ;-)) but one of the participants was, simply, looking to make things harder than it needed to be.

I remember in 96 when people would tell of their exploits with hand-coding HTML while fighting with FTP programs. They would tell stories, almost as if they were bragging rights, of content publishing gone horribly wrong.

It was almost as if you weren’t a real Web publisher unless you spent hours getting your stuff online, fighting with code, and telling others about it.

I’ve met too many Podcasters who approach this process almost as if it was a the mark of a true Podcast publisher to have many of the same struggles. They tell me horror stories of getting feeds to validate mixed with RSS nightmares that simply never work. I then have tried to grab their content in iTunes to have them tell me, “yeah, I haven’t go that part figured out yet.

It ain’t that hard.

You can automate almost every element of it.

The publication process should be but a few minutes – your emphasis should be your content, and your marketing of it – not getting it online.

Computers are here to do our bidding, not vice versa.

P.s: Someone sent me a link to this “Podcast Generator” script a few days ago (the header photo on this site is amazing – I don’t recommend listening to Podcasts in the shower – at least not with headphones). Looks like it would work – anyone have some real world application of it?

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