The Ongoing Saga of a Media Player That Matters Less and Less (Or Microsoft Media 11 to Launch Before Vista)

So I read in Cnet this morning that Microsoft is looking to launch Windows Media Player 11 as a free Windows XP upgrade come June or so.

One angle you could take here is that this “better explains” their claims that they didn’t have the time to put a Podcatcher into the thing as it really isn’t part of Vista, it’s a release to help support their MTV venture.

Another angle you could take is that if Windows Media Player 11 isn’t really part of Vista (and since IE7 is on a ton of XP desktops, we know that one isn’t either), Vista is becoming less and less important.

8 kabillion employees, a bazillion dollars in revenue, and nobody can figure out to subscribe to Podcasts with Windows Media Player.

What am I missing?

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