Somebody is Nuts: Todd Cochrane or Microsoft – Thoughts on the Windows Media 11 Podcast Aggregator

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time now (just search for Microsoft), you’ve read of my frustration with Microsoft for trying to erase Podcasting and/or attempt to ignore it out of existence.

Todd Cochrane suggests that the Windows XP Version of Windows Media 11 coming in June might include a Podcast Aggregator. He suggests a launch date of Gnomedex none the less. For those keeping track, the last Gnomedex was the one where they declared their support for XML and promised complete integration of XML into Vista.

P.s., that part ain’t going well.

I am going to go out on a limb here and am willing to bet cold hard cash, that at the end of June right about the time of Gnomedex, that Microsoft will introduce to Windows XP a podcast creation tool and Windows Media player with Podcast integration, including a independent directory. This is based on a lot of conversations I have had over the past six months, and todays reporting that Windows Media Player 11 will be released sometime in June.

Go ahead, read the whole thing … I’ll wait.

If Todd is right, Microsoft has been hiding their coming support for Podcasting, lieing about their plans for the industry and ignoring the power of beta testing (at least open beta testing). If this is the case, they have 18 months to implosion.

If Todd is wrong, and I suspect he is, I’ll continue with my statement that Microsoft has no idea what they are missing out on, there is no compelling reason to upgrade to Vista and that Microsoft just doesn’t “get it” at all.

Either way, Microsoft doesn’t look good in this, do they?


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