Goowy – Almost Groovy

Have you seen yet?

This is one of these Web 2.0 Sites that is hoping to be your online destination for everything. They got 3 things the others don't (as least as far as I've seen):

  • Games – can you say “Donkey Kong?” Big time sucker.
  • Integration With – Very cool. I'm getting close to moving me entire office to a Flash Drive.
  • Instant Messaging Integration – Very very very cool. MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, AIM – all right in your Web browser. Very very cool.
  • The IM stuff just launched today – and here is what would make me “switch”:

  • I use IM as a very serious communication tool in my business. I need logs of my communications. I get it with Trillian – not from Goowy (yet, I hope ;-))
  • I can't use the Goowy integration to do Audio or Video chat. Need that.
  • Can't do file transfers either – one of the essential pieces of how I use IM
  • Make these three things happen, Goowy, and you'll find a big fan here.

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