Doug Kaye / IT Conversations Gives the eBay as Ad Network Model a Try! Partial Analysis of the IT Conversations eBay Auction.

The current thinking for many is “it worked for Rocketboom so it should work for us.

We’ll see they’re right.

However a couple of points: A) Rocketboom hasn’t tried it again and B) nobody else has either (until this point (that I know of) at least). Until now …

Doug Kaye has decided to put up a IT Conversations Auction for their very popular (and very well done) Tech Nation show. The one major difference – instead of a week, you get a full month.

Some would say “yeah but with IT Conversations you also get links from their sight.” Rocketboom offered the same and, let’s compare site traffic shall we (and remember, this is Rocketboom versus ALL OF IT Conversations (not just Tech Nation):

From the eBay Auction:

Audience Reach


* more than 200,000 impressions
* more than 140,000 listens
* see a list of Tech Nation podcasts

Logo/Banner Pageviews:

* over 70,000 page views
* over 40,000 unique viewers
* see an example of a detail page for a program

Not quite sure what an audio impression versus listen is – can someone tell me?

From the Rocketboom Auction:

Rocketboom reaches a minimum of 130,000 people per day and each day’s video, over the course of several days, receives over 200,000 complete views. Thus, the advertisement reach for this auction is currently a minimum of one million views.

So – we’re comparing 1 million Rocketboom “views” with 200,000 Tech Nation “impressions” (I’m hoping that’s the right comparison). I.e., Rocketboom offered 5x as many views as IT Conversations will.

Rocketboom got 40K – will Tech Nation get 8K?

Of course, this will generate some press for whoever wins and those imbounds and attention will generate valueable traffic as well.

It is one part first mover advantage (o.k., second) and one part the industry is still young and Podcasting still gets press.

I predicted 37K for the Rocketboom. I was off by 9.3%. Let’s call that 10%.

I predict a generous 6k for IT Conversations. +/- 10% is $5400 to $6600.

According to the eBay clock, we’ll find out in 47 hours …

By the way, when the “buzz” wears off, I predict, max, 1k a month for this kind of support.

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