ABC “Gets” Timeshifting – Just Not Placeshifting – or “Streaming Desparate Housewives”

If you haven’t heard the news yet, now allows for streaming of their top shows (Alias, Lost, Housewives and Commander) from the Website. Yes, there are commercials but they are “limited” (Alias with commercials is only 42:14).

For you remote control types, the commericals can’t be clicked through. It even requires that you click to continue once a segment is completed.

This is an interesting move – just not a complete one. People want control over what they watch as much as they want control over where they watch it. Forcing them to click and wait won’t give them that “empowered” feeling they’re looking for.

Sure, you’ll get some eyeballs ABC, but you’re still “the media” and they will continue to look for other options while playing with this flash interface.

We know the other networks will be following this pattern soon. Question, since the commericials are already embedded into Survivor and Apprentice, can we expect the same for these sans commercials?

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