So, Who Purchases Big Ticket Podcast Training Packages?

I thought it would be fun to dig out whatever information I could find about the first customer to purchase 123 Podcast Launch. It happened 20 minutes ago or so.

After all, what kind of person buys a big ticket Podcast training package?

1) Customer has never (at least under this email) purchased anything from me before so we can’t say it comes from my sterling reputation ;-).

2) January 2006 – Customer signs up for the Marketing Online Live newsletter. We barely promote the newsletter so I’m guessing customer has been listening to the show. Marketing intimacy begins.

3) February 2006 – Customer signs up for the (free) Weekly Podcast Tips email newsletter. Obviously this person isn’t only interested in listening to Podcasts.

4) March 2006 – Customer signs up for the 123 Podcast Launch pre-launch list. Good, the pre-selling worked.

5) April 2006 – Customer signs up for the Big Seminar Live Podcast. Obviously this person isn’t just interested in making a Podcast, this person is looking to see some online revenue. Can’t blame him/her.

6) May 2006 – Customer purchases 123 Podcast Launch 14 minutes after email is sent alerting that it is ready for purchase.

So, a relationship was built and a purchase was made. The virtual becomes physical when the package arrives later this week.

I love this industry.

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