Rocketboom Does Earthlink Ads

The same week that the IT Conversations auction goes, well, call it whatever you want, Rocketboom launches their second week of ads – this time they are for Earthlink. Watch any episode this week and you'll see 'em at the end of each one.

Click here for what Earthlink had to say about the launch. Fascinating read.

Couple of observations:

  • Rocketboom Episodes now end with urls in the credits (with a bigger font for “TODAY'S EPISODE BROUGHT TO YOU BY” (yes, it is in caps)). These are for both stories and the ads. And they're tracking links. Good for them. They used tracking links for TRM at their site but never directed people anywhere other than TRM proper. Smart move – very few others seem to be doing that right now.
  • They're pushing the VOIP service not the Internet Access pushed on all the other Podcasts. Smartmove – promote something that audience might actually buy. Sidebar – I always thought it was hillarious that geeks are promoting domain names, hosting and Internet access to other geeks.
  • They're making the commericial part of the content. The commercial is the content. You can do that when you're the media. Smart move – they're already “Tivoproofing” themselves.
  • Their recent addition of video search at Rocketboom means that people are going search for ads. Smart move squared. Smart move TRM and Earthlink getting in early – you can't buy that kind of attention.
  • Well, actually, you can – the price is 40k when it's done right.

    Congrats again Amanda and Andrew. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

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