Sometimes Content Is Worth Paying For – a Model for Premium Podcasting?

A recent post at Digital College got me to thinking. How come the Wall Street Journal can proudly pull off a ten year anniversary of people paying for content when everyone else is still screaming about how Web content wants to be free?

There really are only 2 options I can see:

  • The content is worth paying for and the ease of grabbing whatever part of the WSJ you want whenever you want (o.k., you have to be in front of a computer) is well worth the price of admission to make this a very profitable venture.
  • Or, they’ve got a lot of us fooled. 761,000 of us to be exact.
  • To be fair (from,

    During a breakfast with the press this morning, executives with Online Journal said the Web site placed fifth with 761,000 subscribers when ranked against newspaper circulation behind USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Los Angeles Times.

    They are number 5.

    But I bet you their profits are better ;-).

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