Too Funny To Not Post Here

I actually got email complaining about my stance that Microsoft doesn’t care about Podcasting. I was sent this article “Podcasting anytime, anywhere.

Go ahead, read it, I’ll wait …

In short the article suggests that

Multimedia blogs—audio podcasts and videocasts—allow you to talk to millions of people around the world. Your Windows Mobile powered device can help you share your thoughts the instant you have something to say.

O.k., interesting …

Pocket PC and Pocket PC Phone devices can record sound in the Notes application. Use the VCR-like controls on the Recording Toolbar to start and stop your recording. For video, use your device’s camera application. When given the choice, make sure you save your video in the Motion-JPEG AVI format, a format supported by most inexpensive editing applications.

So, my Pocket PC phone does movies? How? Don’t I need a camera for that?

Also, aren’t these called Windows Mobile devices now?

And it gets better …

They recommend Audacity, Photo Story and Windows Movie Maker for editing your Podcast and, to make things even more fun, they recommend hosting them at and Ourmedia because

both host your casts for free and publish them as an RSS 2.0 feed, which allows people to subscribe to them

I sold the rest of my Microsoft stock today.

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