ID3 Magazine to “Save Trees”

ID3 Magazine, in their words:

After all of the hard work, the meetings and advice given to us, it is with regret that we are informing the public that we will not be sending ID3 Podcast Magazine to print. The complexity of this project was something that we underestimated.

That's a shame. The writing (and content) these guys have grabbed so far has been very good. Dan Klass' piece on “The First Freshman Class” is the type of history of this revolution that I wanted to pass on to my kids (Dad, were you really there when …?).

I'm sure in a few days we'll be reading reports on how their “underestimation” of the project is sure signs of the end of this trend us kids are getting into. Don't believe it, ok?

And I'm sure others will say something along the lines of “Look, it's 1s and 0s – just like the Podcasts the magazine is about. What's the big deal of no print version?

Whether we like it or not, there is still a very real subconcious meme that it ain't real until it is in print or on cd. That's why we're doing The Business Podcasting Bible and still hope for a print magazine for our industry.

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