O.k., I'll admit it – I never paid much attention to Podtrac.com for a number of reasons: A) Don't really want to sell ads on any of my Podcasts and B) Listeners, with the best of intentions (and great passion), respond to surveys with what they think you want to hear.

So, they never seemed to have much to offer me.

I signed up for a token account for MarketingOnlineLive.com and glace over their emails when they come in.

Again, not a complaint, I just don't know what they have to offer me and my efforts.

In the latest email, I found out about their measurement reports option. Now this, I'm interested in. I'm obsessed with Podcast Metrics. I set up the last 4 episodes of MOL to run through it. We'll see what happens.

And, of course, I'll report accordingly.

Could be very interesting indeed.

Now that I'm intrigued, I tried to find some more about the company – please tell me they have a Blog and/or a Podcast of their own and that I just couldn't find it.

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