Writing Software for the Right Customer

The Colligans of Portland are a house divided.

We loves our iPods and the iTunes. Not just for music – our 60gig is one of the few iPods on the planet filled with 80s music, books on tape, Internet training content (audio and video) and a bunch of kids movies ranging from Shirley Temple to Finding Nemo.

(one of these days, I’m picking up a Mac Mini to compete with my Tivo)

I bought an Airport Express with iTunes for business travel but found it quickly became our remote music player. To quote one friend, “I’ve never seen you put a CD into your 6 CD changer.”

Nope, and I doubt I will.

But then came Yahoo Music Unlimited – a cheap monthly fee for unlimited music. If I could stream this insane record collection, life would be good. I looked at hardware to do it – and it exists. I found myself dumping DRMd music on one of my “other” portable players and jacking it into the stereo. Messy and sneakerware in a house full of wireless.

And then Napster comes out with there whole FREE thing and suddenly iTunes just stops looking so cool.

So, what to do?

Kill iTunes? Buy some some switch for my stereo to switch between the two?

Buy a stereo with multiple input jacks?

And then, … Rogue Amoeba

These guys have been making Mac software for sometime now and are the guys who brought the world Audio Hijack Pro and other things.

Enter Airfoil for Windows.

To make a long story short, my Airport Express with iTunes now streams iTunes (from my Mac and PCs), Yahoo, Napster , and whatever else I want to shoot through it.

Life is good 😉

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