Corporate Podcasting Summit

I arrive in San Francisco at 5p on the Monday before the Corporate Podcasting Summit. Any readers want to get together for dinner on Monday – say 7p? The hotel has a decent eatery – or we could grab a cab somewhere else.

My Podcast metrics panel is right before lunch on the second day and I will be at all the presentations to make sure content brought up at the event is part of the discussion.

And this is an important discussion. The nature of the Podcasting beast dictates some “creative” approaches to metrics, but they can be a viable part of the dialogue (and the business process) – considerably more than they have been to this point.

With that said and done, I am doing my homework for this (you know, actually looking at what others are doing as opposed to only reporting on what we’re doing) and any previous work on the topic that anyone knows about (and respects), please let me know.

If you can’t make this one, the Corporate Podcasting Summit isn’t the only event I’m presenting at. My schedule lists the other options.

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