Podcasts.Yahoo.com Questions

I submitted a Podcast last week to Podcasts.Yahoo.com that has yet to be included in the directory. iTunes listed it in less than 24 hours.

This lead to me poking around Podcasts.Yahoo.com to figure out what I could find out. This search resulted in more questions than answers. If anyone has any insight here, I’d appreciate it greatly.

I’m going to assume that the “Most Popular” Podcasts are based on some internal tracking of subscriptions and/or visits to the series pages. Makes sense?

But how is “Highly Rated” tracked? Looking at the first 3, I see 829 ratings /383 reviews verus 288/112 for #2 and 125/198 for #3. Keep going. If you compare 22-24 you see, 53/28, 18/7 and 21/2. Fine.

Marketing Online Live has 103 ratings and 58 reviews. 4 1/2 stars (same as #23) but it ain’t in the top 100. Any idea why?

Now the funny thing, we are #69 in the “Most Popular” list (beating George Bush and the NPR 7a News Summary).

So, we’re in the top 100 for popular and have considerably more (and better) ratings than those in the “Highly Rated” area.

Any ideas?

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