First Reaction to Podtrac Testing

As per my earlier posting, I'm giving Podtrac a test (specifically their measurement reports).

Early results are in, and I share them here with you:

  • Easy to add tracking to whatever system you've got running. Very nice
  • Pretty and easy to read reports. Always nice.
  • The report I get doesn't have the Download Starts Versus Completes that they advertise in the sample reports. This is what I was most interested in.
  • The report I get shows no downloads on 5/13 but shows more than enough on 5/14 and 5/12 to indicate that something went wrong with their tracking that day.
  • In short, not overly impressed. I can get downloads from my own basic stats system. The unique downloads isn't a traditional stat but one that can be statistically determined. If I could get completed downloads, that would very powerful.

    And, the entire missing day makes me wonder what else is missing. It also makes the “Podtrac Verfied” button kinda moot.

    Any comment from Podtrac users or Podtrac?

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