Top 5 On My Pod

Top 5 Podcasts (not my own but occupying my mindshare) this weekend:

Optimization Series Podcast Episode 1 with Frank Kern. I learned more in that hour than I have in some events that have lasted an entire weekend. Excellent stuff. The free ebook that comes with EP1 – wonderful.

Podcast Brothers. The Expo is looking better every day and having the guys who are running it update us on a weekly basis (mostly ;-)) is sheer marketing genius.

Geekbrief.TV. I continue to believe that Geekbrief is the one geek/tech/gadget show that has staying power. I hope it isn’t the urgency of getting a show out while still having a day job, cause I want them to quit their’s soon.

School of Podcasting. Dave Jackson is the bootstrapping Podcaster’s best friend and he never leaves me bored.

Podcasting Underground. It doesn’t come out enough, but when it does …

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