Valleyschwag – The Ultimate Underground Marketing Strategy?

The first company I ever launched I had the nice polo type shirts made up. You know, Schwag. Get the right person wearing them and you got great free publicity.

Problem was, I couldn’t get the “right” person to wear them.

And I still have a box of them in the basement because I’ve been scared to death they’d end up at some thrift store somewhere and that they’d become the rage of, well, you get the idea.

If only there was a way to get your shirts to people who want to wear your shirts.

People willing to pay to wear your shirts for free.

Enter ValleySchwag. $15 a month to have Schwag mailed to you.

I orded mine. Should be coming any day.

And I’m seriously considering a kick-@## t-shirt for some Podcast property sent down this channel if this turns out to be the coup I think it will turn out to be.


Schwag me.

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