Windows Media 11 / No Podcasting Further Comments

I’ve been pounding on this issue for awhile now. It’s seeming to get some traction in the ‘sphere. Let’s chat for a minute about it shall we.

In short, Windows Media 11 hasn’t nothing, nadda, zip, zilcho for Podcasting.

Todd Cochrane, who predicted a Podcast aggregator in WM11, said the following yesterday:

Microsoft’s lack of action will slow Podcasting Growth … how they could have been so stupid … Windows Media Player team you Suck!

Do read the full article here.

Todd, tell us how you really feel 😉

Just as I was starting to put together a response, Scoble jumped in:

If it takes 30 months to add a cool feature into your product you’re too slow, not agile enough, and will see slow growth … Windows Vista’s beta 2 is coming within hours, and it has a decent RSS aggregator built in). Fellow Microsofties, let’s change that and we’ll see good things come to us.

O.k., my turn:

It isn’t an issue of a 30 month production cycle. It is an issue of nobody in Microsoft of any importance will take ownership of this project. When someone of importance takes ownership, things happen. There is plenty that has come out of Microsoft in less than 30 months, they were just “important” to Microsoft.

It also isn’t an issue of Microsoft slowing Podcast growth. It is an issue of Microsoft not mattering in Podcast’s growth – even with this “important new operating system” scheduled to come out next year. That should scare Scoble more than any 30 month production cycle.

Podcasters just need to realize that Microsoft isn’t going to and, sadly, simply can’t, help get the word out about Podcasting.

And isn’t it cool how much the word is getting out anyway?

And isn’t it even cooler that we can spend the money we would have spent on Vista on a new iPod?

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