Adsense Genius and Podcasting’s Place (May 23, 2006)

As many of you know, I’m the producer for the Dr. Adsense Podcast. The reality of solid revenue from Adsense is not only real but it, in many cases, has made me question a lot of the affiliate relationships I am in.

One of my biggest monthly checks comes from Adsense and the year projects a bigger number every month.

In short, Joel’s got a book out now. And it sells for a lot less than it should.

It’s very good and very real. I’ve read it a few times and, get this, it’s simple enough that I’m going to pass it on to my Dad over at Gluten Free Celiac Web.

I recommend it highly.

Here is where it gets interesting.

Joel’s making a run to get this book to #1 in Amazon today.

How is he going to pull it off?

Good old fashioned ethical bribes.

Buy today and he’s got a long list of bonuses that he’s offering. Many of them are the same bonuses you see everywhere else – a few of them, mine included, I haven’t seen anywhere else.

But let me tell you about my offering.

I’m doing a teleseminar on everything I’ve learned about the intersection of Adsense and Podcasting.

And I’m only doing it for people who buy Joel’s book today – as part of his bonus package.

Yes, one day, this recording will probably be offered as a bonus for one of my products – but, you just don’t see my products for sale for $15.72.

All the details are here.

Buy it today and the teleseminar (and recording) is yours.

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