Response to L.A. Times Story re Curry and Podshow

The story is here. Read it first.

Honestly, not much new here but I gotta comment:

“Adam is the figurehead and the face of podcasting,” said Tim Bourquin, founder and CEO of TNC New Media, an Orange County-based company. “He's definitely got a big following.”

Tim, you are a gentleman.

“He's building an audio version of,” said Mark Ramsey, president of Mercury, a San Diego-based radio research and marketing company. “Whether he can pull that off in the mass market, who knows?”

I can't think of anyone who has ever accomplished being “(insert already established brand name) to (insert industry not typically associated with brand name).” MSN or Yahoo auctions anyone? Or better yet, Windows Media 11, iPod killer? I'm actually gonna defend Curry here and say what he says he is trying to do is much bigger than copying the MySpace idea.

But, let's get to the topic of …

When asked about profitability — the question in podcasting and all new media, for that matter — Curry is somewhat vague. He gave no firm date for showing solid returns. But PodShow is attracting advertisers, he noted, a recent coup being the signing of paper product company Dixie for $200,000 as a sponsor for “MommyCast.”

This blog is called “Paul Colligan's Profitable Podcasting.”

One thought: getting a company built on VC money and selling it to someone else before any real profit is made is very profitable for those who sell the company.

Or, I guess, the profit could come from here:

“There's this great funny video of a guy trying to shoot a bottle rocket out of his [butt],” said Curry. “I want to take that funny kind of stuff, harness it, serialize it and turn it into a media property.

You can take the boy out of MTV, but isn't that show already MTV's property?

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