I’m Not The Conspiracy Type

… but, I’ve never noticed a Business Podcast promoted in iTunes. That’s why it has been so easy to bring someone high up in the charts – like we’ve done with Stephen Pierce’s Podcast.

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Once he broke Top 5, some strange things started to happen:

1. The HBR Business Cast starts getting promotion in the top banner area of iTunes. Anyone ever seen a business Podcast in that area – let alone one from Harvard? And, yes, it suddenly moves to #1 as a result.

2. Suddenly, the Podcasts we passed (the “established names”) are in the “New and Notable” area. Never seen them there before. And, suddenly, we’re no longer in the top 5 (as a result of the other casts getting promoted I imagine).

I could have missed Business Podcast promotion in iTunes previously. I don’t study them every day. Anybody recall any?

Should I be the conspiracy type?

Or, have I missed previous business Podcasting promotion?

Or, has iTunes suddenly “realized” the business Podcasting space and is suddenly promoting the area?

Thoughts? I’m really curious in audience input here.

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