7 Reasons Businesses Must Embrace Podcasting

1. Employees not empowered to make the most of their down time will find an employer who will. It is the moral obligation of any company to provide their employee with any technology that makes their job easier or allows them to perform the task faster. Job training during employee downtime (commute, travel, etc.) will be a multi-multi-multi million dollar industry very soon.

2. Companies with a message who can't communicate the message via Podcast don't have a message worth communicating. If your message “doesn't match the Podcast demographic,” your demographic is pretty small (and questionably profitable).

3. If the marketing message isn't portable, the marketing message is dead. Your message must match your market. Your market is portable. Any message that isn't portable is dead.

4. Any communication plan without a Podcast element is like a movie studio that doesn't distribute their films on DVD. Audiences will continue to consume your content in the “traditional” ways, but not offering them your content via Podcast is, simply, leaving money on the table.

5. As we quickly move to the experience economy our search habits move from the “Googles” to the “iTunes.” We don't want information (Google), we want entertainment (iTunes) that educates us.

6. Within the next 700 days, not offering portable options for your content will be considered an insult to your audience. Your audience is quickly learning that they are in charge. If you tell them otherwise, they will leave.

7. A customer who consumes your content on their terms is a very happy customer indeed. Be the first in your demographic to empower your customer with content on their terms and you'll have a customer for life (and a fabulous market share).

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