Frustrations With iPod – Directing Me To MyPodder?

I continue to believe that one of Podcasting's “golden eggs” is the continuing education market. People want, and will pay good money, for content that makes them better. Podcasting allows us to deliver (or receive) that content on our own terms. It is the true win/win/win.

We just players that allow us to do this.

If you've been a listener to Marketing Online Live (sorry about the delay in getting our latest show out – Alex in Asia has been interesting to say the least) you've heard us talk about this for sometime now. We launched the pre-loaded Nanos to some success. Apple's DRM restrictions are fine on our end – we can get around them (and still stay within the law) but the listener's experience has not been so grand.

Something has to be done.

Dan Safkow over at LogoYourAudio sent me a solid little flash player – the “Sohlo G5 1BG.” It ain't the perfect player, but it was intriguing, and I decided to give it a whirl.

After some serious tweaking, I got it to act as a flash drive. I then loaded MyPodder (on the player) . Worked like a charm. Not a bad little program/system.

Interesting thing was, I was also able to plug the player into my wife's Mac and it worked there too.

No installed software, no DRM messes, cross platform, 30 bucks less than the Nano, … interesting … a Web-based system for sending and susbcribing to content ( very interesting.

I'll do a further review at the relaunch of PodcastTools but I wanted to mention this to see if anyone has played with this model or software at all. I'd love to hear your experience/thoughts on this topic (in comment section or by email).

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