Reflections on the Podtrac Survey

Podtrac recently released some survey results. The blogs are abuzz!

High level talking points:

  • 56% listen and view Podcasts on computers.
  • 46% listen on a PMP
  • 88% listen or view the entire podcast episode
  • The bloggers are posting and the Podcasters are speaking of how powerful this media is (to get completion rates like this, etc.).

    You need to remember the source of these numbers.

    These are people who clicked the Podtrac survey button on the site for some Podcast.

    These are the big fans. These are the people willing to fill out surveys for you.

    These are fans who understand, conciously or subconciously that the better they fill this out, the better rate card you are going to get.

    It is, in short, a survey of active Podcast consumers, not the passive ones. The world is made up of both.

    The numbers are fascinating, and I appreciate Podtrac for their efforts, but it is hardly a scientific sampling of our audience.

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