Almost Halfway Through the “Office Hours.”

I’m about halfway through an experiment that is going extremely well right now. I have a moment to breathe, so I thought I’d do a quick blog.

I’m holding a phone based office hours for my 123 Podcast Launch students. In short, they call in and ask questions about their process, their Podcasts, etc. I do what I can to answer.

I’m working with some new teleconference technology that let’s me mute out all the callers and let people ask their questions one by one.

And it’s all run through a Web interface 😉

One thing I’m thrilled with is that a good chunk of the answers go something like this “If you take a look at video 2.12, you’ll get the idea.” We put together a solid product that actually tells the whole picture of Business Podcasting and actually gives people the tools they need to get their Podcast online. You’d be surprised how many of my students have purchased ‘other’ Podcast training product that they thought would do the job for them. Hopefully, mine will be the last ‘how to Podcast’ product they ever buy.

One thing has come up that I’ll probably make a screencast of and place in the private member site. No better way to make your product better than by finding out what your users actually want.

Oops, another caller jumped in. Needed to answer it. Short and simple – she’s doing better now.

Will I do this again? Definately.

Will I make it a regular feature? Don’t know at this point. It’s 3 valuable hours out of my day – but at this point I’m having a lot of fun.

Another caller jumped in. I’m gonna post this and help the guy out.

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