7 Questions I Hope to Have Answered at the Corporate Podcasting Summit

Here are the 7 questions I want answered at the Corporate Podcasting Summit.

1. Will calling the event “Corporate” change the conversation at all? I've been pounding for sometime now that we need different dialogues on the different aspects of Podcasting and we shouldn't be smashing them all together in one big happy topic or event. You don't have Email Conferences or Web Conferences (I won't even go into the lack of Audio or Video Conferences). I'm thrilled to see some focus here. I hope the audience and conversation is focussed as well. I bet it will be.

2. How much content can a panel cover in 35 minutes? Anita is squeezing in a lot of content. My panel is 35 minutes (and there are 3 of us) – there are some that are only 30 minutes long. A few get to be 40 minutes in length. There is a lot of content to cover. Will it be information overload or will it be what we all need to form our “next action” to do lists?

3. Will having this in the Bay Area have an effect on the audience? This area tends to love the bottom line on all this fancy technology stuff (most of the time at least) and tends to be a bit more focussed on implementation than flash (although they certainly loves the flash).

4. How will the press cover this event? Will this be portrayed as YAPC (Yet Another Podcasting Conference), or will this have something “different” to it?

5. What will the Official Wire Service for the event be announcing? Will anyone be making announcements at the event?

6. How many will attend? Always the kicker. Will it just be us speakers speaking to each other, or will the masses show up? If it is a small number, will it be a small number of decision makers?

7. Will this event “matter?” I hope so. A dialogue about the business of Podcasting with business users focussed on the matters of business could be a very powerful dialogue indeed.

By the way, if you are interested in attending, us speakers can help our readers/listeners get in at the early bird rate. Contact me for more info.

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