Token Airline Travel Rant

I just got through security here at PDX. What a mess. I won’t even try to explain what happened in line. You’ve been there – and if you haven’t you’re lucky. We can do better.

PDX has free Wifi but won’t allow VPN. I don’t like the idea of folk sniffin my packets so I usually use this time to just jump around.

No more.

Bought myself a Verizon Wireless EVDO card.

Man … smokin … ran the Cnet bandwidth test with IM and GotoMyPC in the background and … 776k. I’ll take it.

Anyway, about tomorrow’s Podcast Secrets event. It’s at 10a in the “Meridian” room at the LAX Marriot. Be there on time. Bad news, Rachel from 88Slide is sick – so we probably won’t be able to record the live episode tomorrow. Stink, but there was already to much stuff to fit into that time.

By the way, am I listening to screaming children right now – nope – Podcasts – recently downloaded ones too – on account of the EVDO.

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