Running the Numbers on Podcast De la Bolsa

I mentioned Jose a while back. He was one of the original 123 Podcast Launch participants. Jose is doing very well, thanks for asking 😉

We were running some stats on his show, and I begged him (we're sitting next to each other at the Customer Seminar event) to let me give them you.

Here they are:

Since launch, 11,155 total episode downloads. As you well know, we don't know how many of them were listened to.

The Podcast mentions a URL that is only given on the show – and nowhere else. Total visits to that site – 831.

Downloads to site visits – 7.4% very nice. I know people who love a 1% click conversion.

But this is the part I love …

He sells a product, in Spanish none the less, from his site. He has sold exactly $1744 (U.S.) worth of of the product from this Podcast only.

What does that mean?

Well, he generated 15.6 cents per download. That's $156 CPM if your counting!

He made $2.09 per click. That don't suck either.

No matter how you slice it – this is a Profitable Podcast.

(Podcast launched March 10 / first sale was April 25)

And, it ain't even in English.

Update: Forgot to mention this – Jose will be with me at my presentation on “7 Proven Strategies to Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days or Less” at the Podcast Expo (or Portable Media Expo) in September. We'll have even more stats and metrics to offer then (as well as give you a great chance to meet this guy).

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