Affiliate Manager Secrets Podcast Campaign

I want to be completely transparent here and fully disclose a Podcast Monetization strategy – as it happens. Play along with me and watch it in action 😉

Anik Singal has a new product coming out at the end of this month. It’s amazing. It’s for the affiliate marketing industry – a home study course for people looking launch a hot affiliate program.

I’m doing a “traditional” teleseminar with Anik on Tuesday. Details are here. It will be an informational teleseminar about what he learned putting together the program – with your traditional offer for the product at the end. There will be prizes for people on the call. I’ll have a bonus offer as well, the traditional formula for this marketing method.

But, this is where it gets interesting …

I’m going to chop the teleseminar into 8 minute segments (or so), and push down the free version of the Affiliate Guy Podcast. Each episode will call listeners to a specific domain that will also offer the product – and the bonus package.

I think this will do quite well.

Will I beat Jose’s $156 CPM? I’m guessing with so many episodes coming over a short time, no, but I still think I’ll enjoy the check.

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