The Dialogue That Is The Pre-Recorded Podcast

I’m in LAX (that’s Californian for “hell on earth”) ready to catch a few days at home before I head out to Florida for the 2nd Podcast Secrets event. As thrilled as I am at how it went, I’m excited at the changes we’ll be making for the Orlando event and, of course, the eventual product that this will become.

Watching an audience move from initial questions of “Which rss specification should I use (I don’t know what it is but the inflight magazine said I need to know that)?” to questions of “What % of potential audience share do you think I would lose if I moved to a video Podcast (and how will that affect my monetization)?” was nothing short of a thrill.

But some other thrilling things happened this weekend. I have to share these as well.

  • One Marketing Online Live listener couldn’t wait for us to post our show notes (he wanted to make a comment) that he actually did it for himself, and then made his comment. He not only participated in the dialogue, he initiated it (and made it easier for our audience to participate). Thanks, Daryl!
  • Another listener emailed me that he’s coming to the Florida event because he “only recently came across [y]our podcasts.” Be sure to introduce yourself Rob!
  • My recent posting about Jose’s successes in Podcasting led me to record an interview with him for the first episode of a new Podcast I’m working on (“Paul’s Profitable Podcasting”). Man the content is good, I can’t wait to get it out there. It’s a busy week, I will get it out as soon as I can.
  • The family picks me up at the airport and we’re going directly to go see “Cars” this afternoon.

    Can’t wait – man I miss my girls.

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