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The Podcast Metrics panel for the Corporate Podcasting Summit is all set. You get me (whether you like it or not), John Federico from Audible and Don Loeb from Feedburner. Never met Don but, to this point, I’ve never met anyone from Feedburner (or Audible for that matter) that I didn’t like. I usually always enjoys people who live and die (and pay the bills) by the numbers.

The topic: While this could easily become a dialogue on what you can/can’t track in Podcasting with a mix of “wouldn’t it be cool if …” prognostication (and, of course, your token Microsoft bashing), I hope we get past that very quickly and move to a conversation worth having.

The very nature of (open) Podcasting prevents us from getting too much personalized information from the end user that they aren’t will to directly offer to us. Remember, we’ve put the audience in charge – that’s the promise.

(Obviously, if we go with a Premium Podcasting option, there is plenty more we can track – but I don’t think this is where we should go in this conversation.)

I hope for a conversation of how to build the most accurate picture of our audiences based on what we can know – mixed with some strategies for building an audience demographic based on direct response options.

Your thoughts?

BTW, unlike Gnomedex, this one still has a few spots left. If you are interested, please contact me for discount seat information.

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