Metrics and the Corporate Podcasting Summit

I'm “on” Wednesday at 1150a, right after a “refuel/networking” break. Read, they're gonna come in late.

They still haven't listed the Feedburner presenter but we've got a moderator, Dana Gardner. Don't know him from the man on the moon but I found a picture at his ZDnet blog. Seems like an interesting guy, and he's Podcasting – so I like that. Hopefully I'll find him before we go on stage.

If you can't make it – two things:

1) We've been promised that this will be on ITConversations (I feel like a real techie now). Don't know when, sorry.

2) Here's my main point for tomorrow (with with 30 minutes for 3 plus a moderator, that's about all I'll have time for): There are some things we can track and some things we can't track. Instead of the usual “how great would it be if we could x” talk, I want to talk what we can do today.

Here's what we can do today:

1) We can admit that as limited as our stats are, they're sure better than “readership” numbers of printed media or the “numbers” the Nielsens like to pass our way. Let's get to the action.

2) We should encourage direct response options in what we do right now (toll free, listener surveys, or direct audience name aquisition) to really track the “effectiveness” of our efforts and lets the numbers that really matter, finally, count.

I truly belive that we have an opportunity here to make this new media more accountable than any other media in the history of media.

I hope we take it.

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