Corporate Podcasting Summit – Is Corporate Podcasting on Life Support (ListenShare’s Big Announcement)?

James Harris, ListenShare

First of all, Paul likes this guy.

The 4 P’s of Corporate Podcasting: Plan, Produce, Publish and Promote.

And, he made a big announcement a few minutes ago …

72% of all Podcasts found through iTunes.

Do a search for Tom’s of Maine in iTunes – Corporations can now get an “Artist Page.”

(Note, it ain’t Podcast and/or subscription content, it’s downloaded free audio tracks)

And, currently, ListenShare will help it happen for you, for free.

Can you see where this is going?

How does it happen? How can you get one?

1 – You’re gonna need more than one piece fo content. It is for collections of ’em.

2 – Is it “true” Podcasting – or is it just collections of downloadable audio? It ain’t subscribe – it is “Get Album.” This content won’t be found in a straight iTunes Podcast search.

3 – But anything we can do to get more content in the place where our audience is – the better.

Hat’s off James and ListenShare!

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