News Break – Tivo Releases Desktop 2.3

On the plane down to the Corporate Podcasting Summit, I watched this weekend’s episode of The 4400 on my video iPod.

But Paul, they aren’t in the iTunes store.

Bit torrent? Some DVR that I hacked together?

Nope, … Tivo.

How did you do that Paul?

Desktop 2.3.

That ain’t out yet Paul.

It is going to be released today.

And it rocks.

The beta testers have had it for awhile and we’ve been bursting at the seams to talk about it.

And it will change the face of Tivo today. I can now 1-click take it with me (Media Player, iPod, PSP, etc.). And I will.

And so will a lot of others.

Simple and easy. Tivo let us time shift our media – now it let’s “Mom” make it portable.

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