Summing Up The Corporate Podcasting Summit

Well I’m home and exhausted. Here are my big take homes from the Corporate Podcasting Summit:

The industry is maturing quickly (perhaps quicker than I even realized). Big changes: Libsyn has moved from a presentation of green hair and 80’s proms at Podcast Expo to a discussion of a corporate hosting solution. The discussion of Geoghegan’s exploits with Disney have moved from a Fantasy Land motif to a Tomorrow Land blueprint for success. J&Js fascinating report on their teen experiment had a room of people crunching numbers instead of wondering what it’s like to work with Adam Curry.

The event was by no means perfect. However, you need v1 to get to v2 – which is happening next year – and I can’t wait.

Congrats Anita, you pulled it off well.

The entire thing will be on IT Conversations in a few weeks I hear. I’d listen to pretty much all of it.

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